Monday, April 8, 2013

Make your own recycled shelfs


Here I am again to give you some ideas for recycled shelfs. Enjoy! :)

                                                                       Tree Shelf


Books Shelf

Ladder Shelf

Bottle Shelf

Drawer Shelf

Skate Shelf

Books Shelf

Wood Doors Shelfs

Cans Shelf

                                                                     Magazine Shelf

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Recycled Pillows

Hi eveyone, 
here are some ideas for recycle a pillow. Enjoy!

Journal Pillow

Letters Pillows

Robe Pillow

Jeans Pillow

Jeans Pillow with straips

Cotton Fabric Pillow

Pillow painted with stencil

Carpet Pillow

Leafs Pillow

Plants Pillows

Leaf Pillow

Pillow with flower

Leafs Pillows

Shirt Pillows

Pillow with words

Funny Pillows with words

                                                               Facebook Twitter pillows

Computer Keys Pillows

Pacman Pillow

Ball Pillows

Multiple fabrics pillow

CrochĂȘ Pillow

Mesh Pillows

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Great ideas for recycle lamps

Today i'm posting some examples of recycled lamps.
It's not complicated use your imagination. Here they are:

Hanging Teacup Lamps

Bottles Lamps

Tube Light by Castor Canadensis

X-Ray Lamp

Light Bulb Lamps

Book Lamp

Modern Lights from Glass Bottles

Party Poppers Lamp

Water Bottle Chandelier

Envelope's flaps Lamp

Gold Toy Lamp

Ballpoint Pen Chandelier

Yorgurt Lamp

Ping Pong Balls Lamp

Plastic Lamp

Vespa Lamp

Plastic Spoon Chandelier

Blender Lamp